LAPL (Light Aircraft pilots licence)


LAPL Medicals

A LAPL licence is a UK EASA Licence available for Aeroplanes, Sailplanes, Balloons and Helicopters. These licences are mainly for flying without taking payments for flying services. 

The medical requirements for a LAPL licence are more relaxed than EASA Class 2 medicals, as pilots will have a licence to fly lighter aircraft with non-fare-paying passengers.

Pilots who do not meet the medial requirements for Class 2 licencing may consider a LAPL medical.

Do I need further tests?

Some pilots may still need some further tests or referrals to specialists despite the more relaxed medical requirements for LAPL licence holders. The aim is to maximise safety and reduce any flight risks. Your AME will talk you through this if the situation arises. 

What do I need to bring with me to the medical?

 Please bring with you:

Current passport or Photo ID

Recent Medical Certificate

Most recent Opticians report (if available)

Copies of any relevant Specialist Medical/GP Reports 

Downloaded Medical Forms from CAA website (MED160)


 Pilots develop medical conditions like everyone else. The UK CAA may require some pilots to peruse an onward referral to a Consultant Specialist prior to  obtaining a Medical Certificate. This can be arranged with a Specialist of your choice or via known Consultants to us. 

The Medical requirements above are subject to change from the UK CAA